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Window Cleaning


Commercial And Industrial Window Cleaning Company

Cleaning Services Ireland (CSI) provides cost-effective and environmentally-friendly window cleaning services across all of Ireland. Our water fed pole window cleaning equipment allows us to clean windows up to 65ft high without the use of lifting or other costly equipment. So we are the perfect choice for both commercial and industrial window cleaning.

Our completely self-contained and self-sufficient vans means that we can provide our window cleaning services in any location and for any project large or small.

Whether you need a specific set of windows cleaned or complete building window cleaning, ours is the perfect solution for the job.

Total Building Window Cleaning Service

Our water fed pole window cleaning equipment called “Reach & Wash Thermo Pure”, utilises only purified and heated water, which dislodges any dirt on the windows and stops it re-sticking to the surface, therefore leaving a crystal-clear finish. Because no detergents are used it also leaves a streak-free finish that stays cleaner for longer.

However, another benefit of this system is the fact that it allows us to clean more than just windows. Using the brush attachments, we can clean the window frames as well as atria, panelling, canopies and any facias.

Reduced Chemical Window Cleaning

Because our window cleaning system uses only purified water, it eliminates the need for detergents and chemicals, making it a far more environmentally friendly solution than traditional window cleaning services. As a nice by-product of this, it also makes this system more cost-effective!

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